Seagull Swarm
The Seagulls have a similar role to the Vultures' role in the show. They feast ravenously on the remains of other HTFs, or occassionally feasting on live HTFs, such as Flaky.

Character Bio

The Seagulls (Laridae) usually feed off corpses, such as the corpses of Handy and Cuddles in Wipe Out. In the same episode, however, they have killed Flaky when grievously injured. They also made cameo appearances in Water Way to Go (feasting on the shredded remains of Cub) and in "Sea What I Found" (feeding on Disco Bear's organs).

The Gull Episodes


  • Better Off Bread
  • Water Way to Go
  • Wipe Out
  • Sea What I Found


  • Flaky - 1 ("Wipe Out")


  1. Wipe Out: One is eaten by a shark.
  2. Better Off Bread: Two were killed, along with a seal, when the heat from Splendid's laser eyes set the oil they are stuck in ablaze. After Splendid turns back time, the animals probably die from being covered in oil.