The Sea Hag is the archenemy of Popeye the Sailor. Sailing the Seven Seas in her boat “The Black Barnacle”, stealing and murdering her way into infamy.


The Sea Hag plunders all in her sight with her pet vulture named Bernard. Usually resorting to evil schemes to get what she wants. She knows many kinds of sorcery, magic, potions and voodoo. She is really mean and will resort to anything to get what she wants. She is the last witch remaining on earth and a uncaring, heartless, and traitorous pirate. She have a lot of henchmen, as mars men's, evil spy, Jabbo and Toar. Since she's a woman Popeye can't physically attack her. She's a very greedy villain. she appeared as one of Popeye's first enemy on the October 26, 1929 (her identity was revealed seventeen days later), on her own ship: The Black Barnacle, she disappeared until January 30, 1935 (Without including the Sunday's strips story) where she join forces with Popeye to defeat her sister, once her sister out of the way, Popeye and her went back to their rivality. The sea hag is one of the only Popeye's villains who haven't vanished from the main cast nowadays, even if Bluto the Brutus is still more popular than her (witch wasn't the case in the Segar's comics strips).


She was the main antagonist of three Popeye's video games:

  • Popeye Ijiwaru Majo Sea Hag no Maki (Popeye and the tales of the malicious sea hag) where she had some strange bugs likes minions/henchmens.
  • Popeye and the sunken treasure
  • Popeye: The Rescue


  • Her appearance often change according to the media.
  • She've got a huge crush on wimpy and she can't resist to his sweet talking (designed as making love in the segar comic strip.)
  • She is similar in appearance to the Wicked Witch of the West and Gruntilda, wearing black clothing and having green skin.