The Schoolyard Bully is a villain in Codename: Kids Next Door who appears in Operation: Z.O.O. He is a bully who literally eats other kids for lunch, making him the only character in the show who has killed others. Mrs. Goodwall was planning to feed him the members of Sector V. He is the most popular attraction at the zoo. Unlike many other villains in the show, he was not meant to be comedic. He is seen in a pit where he eats everyone. Despite being locked in a Zoo, he seems to be happy with his life.


Since he only appeared in one episode, not much is known about him, but he is shown to not care about anyone else. At the end of the episode he was even willing to eat his caretaker Mrs. Goodwall. He seems to be based off of certain aggressive zoo animals that eat people if they fall in to their pit. He seems to have no morals, or remorse.

Roll in the episode

The Schoolyard Bully only appeared in one episode, so he has next to no role in the show, but in the episode, he serves as a main villain alongside Mrs. Goodwall. Mainly as a death trap that needed to be escaped. There was also a time limit for the members of Sector V to escape before they were fed to him, which was that they needed to escape before lunchtime.


  • He is not comedic, because he is used as a scary and true threat.
  • He is shown to have actually succeeded in killing other kids, which is out of place for this show.