The Scavenger

The Scavenger

The Scavenger is the resident mad bomber. This psychopath is fond of blowing up buildings and large areas of the city - often demanding a hefty ransom while he's at it. The Scavenger is a competent hand-to-hand combatant and is always armed with an assortment of grenades and other explosive devices.


Honey asks Chokei why he hasn't been paying too much attention to her. She then suspects he has a girlfriend. After the credits roll, Honey disguises herself as a nurse and stops a Kolihento bomb terrorist. The scene then cuts to Danbei, who is attempting to disarm the bomb. A stranger shows up pretending to be part of the Special Bomb team, and with the help of a huge woman on a motorcycle, steals the bomb. A police chase ensues, with Honey transforming into a police officer and joining in. After a lengthy chase, which includes Chokei falling into the back of the thieves' van and discovering that the "boy" from the bomb team is really a girl named Natsuko, Danbei using his "Magic Undies!" attack, and Honey transforming into a biker and being shot in the chest, the gang is stopped by some of Dolmeck's thugs, who are also after the bomb. Gene (the huge woman) becomes possessed by Panther Zora and kills off Dolmeck's thugs. Gene/Panther Zora reveals her plan to destroy the city, and Natsuko tries to talk her out of it. Gene transforms into an acid spewing monster and kills all of the gang except Natsuko, who is in the back of the van with Chokei. Honey arrives at the scene, makes a comment about what would happen if her breasts were damaged, then transforms ito warrior form to fight Gene/Panther Zora. After the battle, Danbei uses his Thunder Cross to transport Honey into space. Honey launches the Koholinto bomb into the sky, where it explodes.


The Scavenger is the only character who never turns to a monster or gets killed by Cutey Honey