Scar (Earth-616)
The Scar was a brilliant but twisted Nazi scientist active during World War II.


When the people of German began to air their displeasure with the Nazi regime, Nazi officials had the Scar go out into public with his new ray weapon that destroyed the very air. He used it to kill rioters at a food rations line who were unhappy with the amount of food they were getting. Among those who were killed was the father of German citizen Florence Von Ward, she vowed to fight the Nazis and soon became an ally and close confidant to the costumed hero, the Destroyer. The Destroyer vowed to avenge her fathers death by dealing with the Scar.

He tracked the Scar where he planned on using his ray on a group of German looters. Although he managed to knock the Scar's ray gun out of his opponents hand and used it to keep Nazi soldiers at bay, the Scar knocked him out from behind and take him prisoner. He attempted to slay the Destroyer with his "Burning Glass" ray weapon, however the Destroyer broke free and escaped.

Later, after the Destroyer foiled a German sneak attack on British fighter jets the furious Scar attempted to lure the Destroyer into a trap. Broadcasting an announcement of a public execution, the Scar hoped the Destroyer would come to try and save the prisoners. Sure enough, the Destroyer did and in the ensuing battle Scar was killed by one of his own bombs.