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The Saviors are a vast organization of hostile survivors founded and led by Negan, and a major antagonistic faction in The Walking Dead comics and TV adaptation.

In the comics, they serve as the main antagonists from "Something To Fear" to "All Out War". In the TV show, they serve as the main antagonists from the second half of Season 6 to Season 8. Overall, The Saviors stand out as one of the largest and most dangerous groups in all of The Walking Dead media.


The Saviors are one of the most organized, largest groups and is led by a survivor named Negan. They are extortionists who demand other communities of survivors such as the Hilltop Colony, The Kingdom and Alexandria Safe-Zone to provide a good amount of food and other supplies or else they will resort to murder and brutality if the community doesn't provide enough supplies or attempt to rebel/attack. The Saviors are notable for clubbing their victims to death and are not above killing children as well as taking polaroid-style photographs of these victims' gruesome deaths and kept them in their rooms. Most Saviors possess a twisted sense of humor and will usually taunt their victims.

Comic Saviors

A large group of Saviors in the comic series.

The Saviors are a formidable threat due to their massive numbers, allowing them to overwhelm other groups and employ psychological warfare on a large scale. Their main base is a compound called The Sanctuary, heavily fortifying it with a surrounding fence and the main entrance is surrounded by a horde of chained and impaled undead. However instead of all the members stationing at that single base, they are divided into smaller groups which reside at various outposts for miles around. The ruthless survivors also have a habit of identifying themselves as Negan or claiming that they are all collectively Negan, acting very cult-like.

Before the War

As Rick Grimes' group returned to the Alexandria-Safe Zone from the Hilltop Colony, they encountered a small group of Saviors, who demanded that they turn over their goods to their leader, Negan. Rick, a survivor who has never dealt with such a powerful gang, made the decision to oppose their demands and signaled to Andrea to attack. Andrea managed to kill some of the Saviors while Michonne decapitated another and Rick informed the last man standing to return to Negan with a message: the Saviors no longer need to protect Hilltop and they now owe Alexandria half of their supplies. The surviving Savior retreated and Rick and his group returned to Alexandria. Later, Rick held a meeting and told the residents of the agreement he made with Paul Monroe and Gregory about defending Hilltop from the Saviors, treating them as not a threat, and promised that they would not be much trouble.

While Eugene Porter and Abraham Ford were scavenging stores to collect spent bullet casings to create new ammunition, they were unaware of the Saviors' planned retaliation attack for what Rick and his group did. Abraham was then struck with a crossbow arrow through the back of his head and out of his eye, effectively killing him. Dwight, a high-ranking Savior who is now Abraham's vengeful killer, then took a stunned Eugene hostage. 

The Saviors used Eugene to lead them to Alexandria and demanded that Rick let them in, though the community leader refused and a firefight ensued which led to the deaths of almost a dozen Saviors. Eugene then bit Dwight in the crotch and escaped death as Dwight and the other survivors fled. Rick and Andrea pursued the remaining attackers to finish them off, but instead discovered Eugene's corpse being gnawed on by a zombie.

A small group of Saviors then began scouting on the colony with one of them informing Negan that they will attack at dawn. Rick led a group of community survivors to reach Hilltop but on their way, a group of Saviors snuck up on their vehicle and captured Rick. His captor ended up being the Savior who Rick spared earlier and the group then alerted Negan, along with more Saviors in the area, that Rick is a captive of theirs.

Negan arrived with his fellow Saviors and proceeded to taunt the group while attempting to psycholoigcally break Rick before the others. He then claimed that Rick and Alexandria is now their property, however told them that he would execute one of them with his baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, Lucille, in retribution for the deaths of his men. Negan randomly chose Glenn Rhee to be his victim with a sick mental torture of "eenie, meenie, mino, mo" and brutally beat him to death in front of the others, Rick then promised to kill Negan. Before leaving, Negan beat Rick, telling the group of survivors that they now answer to the Saviors and they would arrive at Alexandria in one week to pick up their "offering". Rick begrudgingly accepted their new rule over them, only in hopes that it would let them kill Negan and drive off the Saviors in the future, though this was met with anger by the others. Paul was then prompted to find out where the Saviors were located.

As Paul carefully followed Dwight back towards the Saviors base, Negan made well on his promise to return to Alexandria to their offering. Rick was forced to give up most of Denise Cloyd's narcotics to Nega and as he and his group left, Carl Grimes climbed aboard one of their cargo trucks. Upon Dwight's return to the Saviors base, others had found that he was being followed and captured Paul as a result of this. Having deduced Rick's true intentions, he brought Paul back to the base only to find that he escaped, thus causing him to "forget" it had ever happened.

The base is revealed to be surrounded by a wall of piked zombies, still alive but stuck on poles and spears dug into the ground. Once inside the factory, Negan returns as well and the Saviors are shocked to discover that Carl had in fact followed them. Carl proceeds to use Abraham's automatic rifle to kill some Saviors, before running out of ammo. Dwight violently attacks him, only to be stopped by Negan who shows his interest in the young survivor and gives him a tour around the base.

It is revealed the Saviors are like a cult, with Negan's followers bowing and chanting his every word like if Negan was a deity. The people are divided amongst these closest to Negan such as guards, henchmen and his many wives. Carl horrifically witnesses Negan's brutality as he subjects one of his newer wives' former lover to a ritual punishment, as the wife and lover had reunited behind Negan's back. The man had his face mutilated by a scalding cloth-iron. Sometime after the failed attacks on Alexandria, Negan started personally visiting the community himself along with some of his most trusted men. Prior to his arrival though, Negan set up several outposts around the safe-zone and positioned scouts outside of their walls before arriving to pick up his demanded supplies.

Due to their great accuracy in weapon use, members of the Saviors were able to easily shoot the pistols out of the hands of Rick, Holly, Heath and Nicholas from a distance while taking cover. As Rick confronted Negan with his militia, the sniper on top of the Sanctuary was killed.

All Out War

After Negan manages to escape Alexandria, the Saviors prepare for war against Alexandria and Hilltop. Their Sanctuary is nearly compromised in the attack, as the noise from the gunfight attracts zombies around the area and forces them to barricade themselves inside, though Holly is captured in the process. The Saviors and Rick's militia engage in several battles, with the Saviors losing many of their outposts and men before they take the brutal fight to Alexandria and inflict severe damage, forcing it's inhabitants to retreat to Hilltop.

Negan instructs the Saviors to begin using infected weapons to ensure their opponents' demises, and they proceed to the endgame at the Hilltop Colony. The two armies fight once more, and during the firefight Negan instructs Dwight to hit Rick in the arrow, which he does. The Saviors flee after the militia takes countermeasures against their attacks. Negan returns to Hilltop to the next day, but his leadership is usurped and he incapacitated in a joint effort from Dwight and the militia to end his reign. Negan is handed over to them, and Dwight assumes leadership of the group, effectively ending the bloody war.


The Saviors are thriving under Dwight's command and are part of the community network. However, it's revealed that at least half of the Saviors are not satisfied with the new policy and still do not trust Rick. After Dwight leaves the group, Sherry seemingly takes over, plotting to eliminate Alexandria and the other communities in the aftermath of the Whisperer war. 

After Alexandria is overrun with zombies, Sherry and the remaining Saviors attempt to break away from the rest of the joint communities. This leads to Dwight, Heath and Laura becoming hostages and after a tense stand-off between Alexandria and the Saviors, Sherry agrees to talk with Rick. As they are talking Sherry becomes angered and threatens Rick with a knife. She then attempts to choke him to death, but fails when she is pushed away by Rick. She hits the back of her neck against a table, causing it to snap and she dies. The Saviors are then rendered leaderless.


  • Mark
  • Tara
  • John
  • Molly
  • Paul
  • Gavin
  • Angela
  • Rich
  • Martin
  • Sandra
  • Georgie
  • Savior 1
  • Savior 3
  • Savior 6
  • Savior 7
  • Savior 10
  • Savior 13
  • Savior 14
  • Savior 16
  • Sherry (Former de-facto Leader)
  • David
  • Davis
  • Gary
  • Donnie
  • Mike
  • Amber
  • Connor
  • Seth
  • Savior 2
  • Savior 4
  • Savior 5
  • Savior 8
  • Savior 9
  • Savior 11
  • Savior 12
  • Savior 15
  • Many other unnamed members.

Former Members

  • Carson
  • Negan - Former Leader
  • Dwight - Former Leader
  • Laura

Killed Victims

  • Andy
  • David
  • Crystal (Assumed)
  • Abraham Ford
  • Glenn
  • Spencer Monroe
  • David
  • Eric
  • Richard
  • Holly
  • Charles
  • Betsy
  • Mr. Orson
  • Mrs. Orson
  • Orson Children
  • Kal
  • Nicholas
  • Richard
  • Arnold
  • Marcus
  • Numerous Hilltop Colony survivors
  • Numerous The Kingdom survivors
  • Numerous amounts of zombies and unnamed people


Comic Series

Volume 17: Something To Fear

  • Issue 97
  • Issue 98
  • Issue 99
  • Issue 100
  • Issue 101
  • Issue 102

Volume 18: What Comes After

  • Issue 103
  • Issue 104
  • Issue 105
  • Issue 106
  • Issue 107
  • Issue 108

Volume 19: March To War

  • Issue 109
  • Issue 110
  • Issue 111
  • Issue 112
  • Issue 113
  • Issue 114

Volume 20: All Out War - Part One

  • Issue 115
  • Issue 116
  • Issue 117
  • Issue 118
  • Issue 119
  • Issue 120

Volume 21: All Out War - Part Two

  • Issue 121
  • Issue 122
  • Issue 123
  • Issue 124
  • Issue 125
  • Issue 126

Volume 24: Life And Death

  • Issue 141

Volume 25: No Turning Back

  • Issue 148
  • Issue 150

Volume 27: The Whisperer War

  • Issue 158
  • Issue 159
  • Issue 161

Volume 28: A Certain Doom

  • Issue 164
  • Issue 165
  • Issue 166
  • Issue 167
  • Issue 168

Season Six

The Saviors first appear in the episode "Always Accountable", where a group of them ambush three escaped members of their group (Dwight, Sherry and Tina) however instead they see Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle and a car containing Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford, and flank them instead. Later that same day, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are stopped on the road by eight heavily-armed Saviors on motorcycles led by Bud, who orders them to give them their weapons and that they are property of Negan but are all blasted to pieces with Daryl using an RPG.

Two months later, the Saviors murder two of Hilltop Colony's residents due to their last drop having a low amount of supplies and take a third resident named Craig hostage. They then gave their prisoner's brother, Ethan, to kill the man in charge of the community, Gregory, in exchange for Craig's safe release. However, this fails due to Rick Grimes and his group killing Ethan and saving Gregory, as well as learning of the Saviors and that they are even bludgeoned and killed a 16 year old boy named Rory. Rick then proposes that he and his group will wipe out the Saviors in exchange for supplies. 

Rick and his group fulfill their part of the bargain by rescuing Craig from one of the Saviors' outposts, a satellite station, as well as slaughtering every Savior there mercilessly. However, a survivor of the attack, Primo, attempts to escape however the group managed to subdue him and as they interrogate the captured Savior, they receive a threatening message over his radio from an unseen woman who is holding Carol Peletier and Maggie Greene captive. Rick wants to exchange prisoners however they instead flee and hold Carol and Maggie in their slaughterhouse. But after one of them, Donnie, dies from a gunshot inflicted by Carol either, the two escape and use the zombified Donnie to kill another Savior, Molly, and then the two proceed to kill the rest of them, Michelle and Paula. When a backup team of Saviors arrive at the slaughterhouse to rendezvous with Paula, Carol and Maggie manage to lure them in the kill floor, lock them inside and then proceed to burn them alive. Rick then confirms to Primo that the other Saviors are all dead and continues to interrogate him on where Negan is, however Primo instead claims to be Negan and tries continue talking but Rick interrupts and executes him.

After killing two groups of Saviors members, Rick and his group believe that the Savior threat has been eliminated however it turns out Dwight has returned to their allegiance and had captured Eugene Porter and then ambushes Daryl, Rosita Espionia and Denise Cloyd on the train tracks but Denise is immediately killed due to "getting in the way". Eugene though spots Abraham by some barrels nearby and exposes his position to the Saviors, ultimately distracting them as Eugene bites Dwight on the crotch violently and a shootout ensues, with Abraham, Daryl and Rosita managing to kill the majority of them but Dwight and some others retreat due to being outnumbered. 

As Carol flees from Alexandria, Jiro and a group of Saviors manage to stop her on the road and she is then forced to open fire and kill mostly all of them but one survives and charges at her with a knife but is wounded by Carol, and Rick later finds and finishes him off later while searching for Carol. Only one is alive and vengefully, he sets off to hunt down Carol, eventually tracking her down and shot her, wanting her to suffer an agonizing death while he watches but Morgan Jones is then forced to gun down and kill him in order to save Carol.

Dwight and the Saviors also manage to capture Glenn Rhee and Michonne as well as Rosita. A group of Saviors under Simon's command later murder a group of survivors from a library for trying to fight back. They pursue a lone survivor and surround him in the woods, severely beating and dragging him across the road. Rick's group encounters these Saviors and Simon demands for their supplies, but instead as he is confident, Rick mocks the Saviors by turning their request back on them and with neither side willing to negotiate, Rick and his group leave and they try to take alternate routes but each time they are confronted by increasingly larger groups of Saviors setting up roadblocks and it is then revealed the survivor attacked by Simon was hung from a nearby overpass.

After abandoning their RV as a decoy with Eugene, Saviors hidden in the woods whistle and herd Rick and company towards a colossal group of Saviors whose combined whistling has became a deafening sound. A beaten Eugene kneels on the ground. Negan himself then walks out of the RV and introduces himself, explaining to Rick that half of their supplies will belong to him or he'll kill all of them. However, Negan states that Rick's group must be punished for killing so many of his people.

Season Seven

Negan cruelly selects Abraham after a psychological torturous random selection of "eenie, meenie, miny, mo" and uses his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille, to brutally beat Abraham to death and also murders Glenn after Daryl strikes Negan for killing Abraham and taunting Rosita about it. Unsatisfied with Rick's coorperation, Negan then forces Rick out into a herd of zombies and subjects him to cruel psychological torture after nearly forcing him to amputate Carl Grimes' arm, asserting his complete dominance over Rick and Alexandria. Finally satisfied that Rick is ultimately broken and subserviant, Negan takes Daryl prisoner and leaves the group a truck to collect their goods, before leading the Saviors away.

Another community, the Kingdom, are also forced to pay the Saviors and one member, Jared, picks a fight with a Kingdom member, Richard. Later, the Saviors torture Daryl and feed him sandwiches smeared with dog food, even causing him to breaking him into tears after giving him a picture of Glenn's corpse. 

Negan later arrives at Alexandria with a large group of Saviors and among them, is Daryl, looking injured and pale. The Saviors begin searching the houses looking for which supplies they want to take, however Carl holds two Saviors at gunpoint and wishes to stop them from taking their medicine but Negan's men take it anyway and as a procaution, Negan has all of their guns taken away but he'll leave their food untouched. However, two guns were missing and Negan threatens to kill Olivia if them guns aren't brought to him. Rick later finds them and brings them to Negan, who also forces Rick to thank him and the Saviors then leave Alexandria with half of their belongings and Daryl.

At the Hilltop Colony, the Saviors secretly lead zombies through the front gate, drawn by music and fires, as a "message" to remind it's residents that zombies are still a threat and that the Saviors provide a good service by killing them. Simon also leads a group of Saviors into Hilltop to collect half of their supplies but Jesus manages to sneak into one of their trucks undetected and spots Carl in the truck with him.

After Carl tricks Jesus into getting out of the truck and when they arrive at the Sanctuary, Carl uses a machine gun to kill two Saviors and then demands that he wants to kill Negan. Negan appears and after Carl shoots another Savior, Dwight tackles him but Negan tells Dwight to back off, offering Carl to show him around the compound in delight. Inside the Sanctuary, Negan addresses the crowd kneeling on the factory floor, and announces that the Saviors have secured a big load of goods and are rewarded fresh vegetables for dinner, the two then enter Negan's living quarters and Negan also forces Carl to take off his hat and eye bandage. He mocks Carl's scarred eye socket and later on, he drives Carl back to Alexandria.

In Alexandria, Negan enjoys a shave in Rick's bathroom and he along with other Saviors spend some time in Alexandria waiting for Rick to return from a supply run, but meanwhile, Daryl and Jesus escape the Sanctuary and Daryl also kills Joseph after encountering him. Later back at Alexandria, Negan and Spencer Monroe share a drink on the porch and then continue to play pool in the middle of the street. While this is happening, Gary and David beat up Aaron for apparent disrespect. Spencer proposes that Negan appoint Spencer as the new leader of Alexandria and warns him about Rick, but, due to his plans being cowardly, Negan plunges a knife into Spencer's abdomen, disemboweling and killing him for "having no guts".

Incensed, Rosita tries to shoot Negan however the bullet hits Lucille instead and Arat subdues Rosita to the ground, holding her at knife point. Negan then realizes that the bullet casing is homemade and demands to know who made the bullet, Rosita lies it was her so Negan has Arat kill someone; she chose to shoot and murder Olivia. Eugene then steps up and tearfully admits it was him, as a result, the Saviors leave with Eugene in tow.

Negan discovers that Daryl escaped and so Simon leads a search party to Alexandria, ransacking the community but find nothing. Meanwhile, Gavin, Jared and more Saviors arrive at their pickup location for their collections and Jared steals Morgan's staff and Richard's gun after an ensuing fight. During another pickup, Jared shoots Benjamin in the leg and he bleeds out, resulting in his death, after the drop was sabotaged by Richard, who wanted Ezekiel to fight by attempting to make the Saviors kill Richard. At their last pickup, Morgan angrily kills Richard for causing Benjamin's death and Gavin is glad that they now understand.

During the season's final episode, Dwight offers to help Rick's group ambush Negan and a group of Saviors that are coming to Alexandria and there, take out the Sanctuary and their other outposts. Rick agrees to this and summons the Scavengers to help fight them. When the Saviors come to Alexandria, it is revealed that the Scavengers have betrayed Alexandria in exchange for a better deal from the Saviors. While the Saviors have the upper hand at first, Negan is caught off-guard when he releases his prisoner, Sasha Williams, from a coffin only to find out she has committed suicide and reanimated. Sasha's attack gave Alexandria the chance to fight back, but the Saviors quickly regained control of the situation. In cruel punishment, Negan prepares to kill Carl with Lucille and to take off Rick's hands, but the Kingdom and the Hilltop Colony join the fight, catching the Saviors completely off-guard and forcing them and the Scavengers to retreat. Both the Saviors and the Scavengers take heavy casualties in the battle, including Roy.

Following the bloody battle, the Saviors prepare to go to war with the combined forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom. Negan addresses a vast crowd of over 130 armed Saviors at the Sanctuary, informing them of the situation. Meanwhile Dwight, who had apparently double-crossed Alexandria, left them a hidden message that he didn't know about the Scavengers' betrayal. 

Season Eight 

Coming soon!



  • Negan (Leader)
  • Simon (Second in Command)
  • Dwight (Lieutenant)
  • Wade (Lieutenant)
  • Gavin (Lieutenant)
  • Arat (Lieutenant)
  • Bud (Lieutenant)
  • Paulia (Lieutenant)
  • Jiro (Lieutenant)
  • Primo (Medic)
  • Keno (Guard)
  • Mark (Guard)
  • Gabe (Guard)
  • Eugene Porter (Chief Engineer)
  • Joseph (Engineer/Guard)
  • Tara 
  • John 
  • Paul
  • Angela
  • Rich
  • Martin
  • Sandra
  • Georgia 
  • Cam
  • Jared
  • Laura
  • Gary
  • Timmy
  • Donnie
  • Molly
  • Michelle
  • Miles
  • Roman
  • Neil
  • George
  • Chris
  • Isabelle
  • David
  • Roy


  • Harlan Carson (Physician)
  • Emmett Carson (Doctor)
  • Amber (Concubine)
  • Tanya (Concubine)
  • Frankie (Concubine)
  • Maria


  • Craig (Ex-Prisoner)
  • Daryl Dixon (Ex-Prisoner/Custodian)
  • Sherry (Ex-Concubine)
  • Tina (Ex-Fiancee)
  • Gordon
  • Sasha Williams (Ex-Prisoner)


TV Series

Season 6

  • 6x06: "Always Accountable"
  • 6x08: "Start To Finish"
  • 6x09: "No Way Out"
  • 6x12: "Not Tomorrow Yet"
  • 6x13: "The Same Boat"
  • 6x14: "Twice as Far
  • 6x15: "East"
  • 6x16: "Last Day on Earth"

Season 7

  • 7x01: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"
  • 7x02: "The Well"
  • 7x03: "The Cell"
  • 7x04: "Service"
  • 7x05: "Go Getters"
  • 7x07: "Sing Me a Song"
  • 7x08: "Hearts Still Beating"
  • 7x09: "Rock in the Road"
  • 7x10: "New Best Friends"
  • 7x11: "Hostiles and Calamities"
  • 7x12: "Say Yes"
  • 7x13: "Bury Me Here"
  • 7x14: "The Other Side"
  • 7x15: "Something They Need"
  • 7x16: "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Season 8

  • 8x01: "Mercy"
  • 8x02: "The Damned"
  • 8x03: "Monsters"
  • 8x04: "Some Guy"
  • 8x05: "The Big Scary U"
  • 8x06: "The King, The Widow, and Rick"
  • 8x07: "Time for After"
  • 8x08: "How It's Gotta Be"
  • 8x09: "Honor"
  • 8x10: "The Lost and the Plunderers"
  • 8x11: "Dead or Alive Or"
  • 8x12: "The Key"
  • 8x13: "Do Not Send Us Astray"
  • 8x14: "Still Gotta Mean Something"
  • 8x15: "Worth"
  • 8x16: "Wrath"


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