The Salesman is a minor villain in the Alex Rider book Skeleton Key.


The Salesman is the man whom General Sarov bought his uranium from. Unfortunately, the Salesman's goons were scared of the general and wanted to tell the CIA about his illegal activities. General Sarov feared this might happen, so he got Conrad to bomb the Salesman's boat.

Agent Turner went to the Salesman's boat because he was pretending to be a friend of the Salesman's, he was going deep cover to find out about the drug underworld, but unfortunately, the Salesman had found out Turner was a double agent, and was going to just shoot him rather than get information out of him.

Alex snuck on the boat and tried to save Turner by igniting a fire. But the Salesman was about to kill Alex, when Alex knocked the man unconscious by shooting a radio aerial gadget at him.

The Salesman was later blown up when his boat exploded.