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The Robber is a minor villain in the animated series Bob's Burgers.  His name is unknown he is only reffered to as the robber and was first seen in the episode "Hamburger Dinner Theater". During the second night of Linda's dinner theatre. A robbery begins to take place unbeknownst to the audience who believe it is just a part of the show. As the robber begins to sing and dance with Linda. The show is met with positive online reviews and the next day the robber returns to the restaurant but without the mask. He reveals himself once Officers Julia & Cliffany leave saying that he wants to do the show again. Linda becomes enthusiastic but Bob tries to ring the police leading to being robbed yet again as the robber leaves, Officers Julia & Cliffany enter the restaurant again. They then proceed to chase down and capture The Robber much to Linda's dissapointment.


  • He was voiced by Toby Huss.