The Ripper Jack Slater 3

The Ripper

The Ripper is the tertiary antagonist of the film Last Action Hero. He was the enemy of Jack Slater in Jack Slater 3, a film within Last Action Hero. He was played by Tom Noonan who also played Francis Dolarhyde.


The Ripper appears as the beginning of Last Action Hero which depicts the climax of the movie Jack Slater 3 in which the Ripper holds a group of children hostage, including that of Jack Slater's son Andy. Ripper states that he wants revenge on Slater for putting him in jail for 10 years and plugging his vaggy love hole. Slater arrives and throws a false grande to his son which conceals a knife, and the Ripper is stabbed. The film goes out of focus by this point, and its later revealed the Ripper fell from the roof after being shot by Slater, however dragged his son with him to their deaths. This left an impact on Slater for years to come.

The Ripper is later revived by Mr. Benedict who has escaped into the real world from the Jack Slater Universe. Benedict tasks the Ripper to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays Jack Slater. During the premier the Ripper arrives and nearly kills Schwarzenegger with an axe but runs off when Slater arrives. Whilst Slater is distracted by Schwarzenegger, the Ripper captures Danny, a young boy assisting Slater.

In events mimicking the ending of Jack Slater 3, the Ripper has Danny held hostage on the rooftop. The Ripper throws Danny from the roof but he is electrocuted by Slater. The Ripper's attempt to kill Danny fails, as he manages to cling onto the side of the building and is rescued by Slater.


  • Tom Noonan who plays the Ripper appears in a small scene at the premier as himself.