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"Ratty" Erwins, also known as "The Rat Man", is one of the villains of the Stephen King Apocalyptic Thriller, The Stand. He was played by the late Rick Aviles.

The Rat Man is a pirate-like hoodlum and villain. Describing Erwins refer to him as a person who adopts the dress sense of an Ethiopian pirate, with a red sash, a necklace of silver dollars around his "skinny neck" and a sword he often uses to threaten Larry Underwood and Ralph Brentner with. Erwins also coins the nickname, "Wonder Bread," for Underwood, and "Farmer John" for Brentner. The character is described, in Julie Lawry's words, as "the only guy in Las Vegas too creepy for Lawry to sleep with; except maybe in a pinch". Erwins is killed in the explosion at the end of the book.

In the miniseries, The Rat Man is portrayed by Rick Aviles. He briefly appears in New York when the plague really hits. After Larry Underwood bumps into him in an arcade, he and a friend look at Larry, and he says "The Rat Man forgive you, this time" very weird and dark, before breaking down in laughter. He later appears a lot more often in Flagg's society, and goes with Lloyd Henreid in sending the Trashcan Man to Flagg, later is among the group which apprehends Dayna Jurgens, and breaks Larry's guitar before he and Ralph Brentner are taken on stage to die by dismemberment.