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The Rat is a greedy rodent who steals and he is the Mole's arch enemy in Happy Tree Friends: Mole In The City.
The rat

He is a sly rat that can steal anything he wants. The Mole chased after The Rat, who landed on top of a giant mouse trap.


  • The Rat is the only character The Mole has intentionally killed.
  • His ears, like those of Lumpy, Handy, Flaky, and Russell, are not visible. Though they may be underneath his hat.
  • He is one of the few characters to wear a hat.
  • He is also one of the few characters with irises.
  • He does have buckteeth like normal characters, although they are at the end of his nose. 
  • He is the only character with a golden tooth.
  • One of his injuries (being ripped apart by a rat trap) is similar to Sniffles' injury in the episode "I've Got You Under My Skin".
  • He seems to have his own theme song.
  • A "Rat", is another name for an undercover agent.

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