Angus that thing is not the Mermaid... It's something else!
~ Gifford to Angus about the Queen of the Lair.
The Queen of the Lair is the main antagonist in the 2001 film She Creature.


As the Queen of the Lair, the creature leaves the Forbidden islands to bring back humans for her fellow mermaids to feast upon

At some point, an elderly sailor and his wife stumble upon the mermaid. Later the creature uses her powers to drive the woman insane and kill her, leading the old man to lock her away in chains in a tank.

Angus Shaw and his wife, Lillian, run a travelling carnival which barnstorms the countryside in the early 1900s. The Shaws' circus includes a sideshow which promises much in the way of monsters and human oddities, but for the most part delivers second-rate actors dressed up in costumes or using smoke-and-mirrors effects to fool the customers.

Lillian herself offers the most spectacular illusion, posing as a fake mermaid. One night, Angus offers a helping hand to an aging sailor, and the old salt offers to show Angus and Lillian something truly amazing—a real, mermaid. Astounded by what he's seen, Angus decides the fortune he could make exhibiting a real mermaid is too great to resist, and he steals the creature from the sailor.

Angus and Lillian waste no time booking passage to the United States with their find, but en route to America they discover this mermaid is hardly a benign creature—she has a taste for human blood, and soon the ship's crew is shrinking at an alarming rate. She also takes a particular interest in Lillian and even kills a sailor that was mean to her.

The mermaid kills Bailey and Angus shot her with a dart. When she awakes and loses her tail she transforms into her true form. A horrifying fish-like creature with teeth. When she killed all of the crew she tried to kill Angus but he shot her in the chest to make her bleed. The angry creature impales him with it's sharp tail fins killing him. The creature refused to kill Lillian and it returned to the sea and threw the human corpses in the water where thousands of mermaids appeared to feast.



She Creature Mermaid Monster Transformation

She Creature Mermaid Monster Transformation