The Queen Live

Live portrayal of the Queen

That used to be you – 《the Queen》[die Königin]…
But now it’s her - 《Snow White》<Schneewittchen>!
~ Garasu no Hitsugi de Nemuru Himegimi, 7th Story Märchen.
The Queen is a minor character in the album Märchen. Her stepdaughter, the princess Schneewittchen takes revenge on her after being killed by the Queen for overtaking her in beauty.


The Queen is presumably very beautiful, having previously held the title of being the most beautiful in the world according to the mirror. She is dressed in a regal dark gown with dark hair held up beneath her crown.

As the peddler woman, she wears the guise of an old hag. Her body is cloaked and hooded, and she carries a basket of apples with her. Yokoyan's illustrations in the Märchen booklet show her to possess a walking stick, although this is not portrayed in the live.


She appears in Garasu no Hitsugi de Nemuru Himegimi as the antagonist to Schneewittchen's character. The Queen is shown to be a vain woman, cold to her stepdaughter and often preoccupied with asking her mirror who is the most beautiful in the land. Predictably the mirror responds that it is the Queen, and so it goes up until Schneewittchen becomes a young woman. 

Outraged, the Queen sends the old huntsman to kill Schneewittchen and bring back her heart. The huntsman returns instead with a pig's heart, but although the events leading to it are never explicitly mentioned, it is implied that the Queen finds out that Schneewittchen is still alive and makes other attempts to kill her. 

Her efforts are finally successful when she dresses herself as an old woman and presents Schneewittchen a poisoned apple. The princess initially resists, but succumbs when the disguised Queen offers to share it with her. Schneewittchen dies after a bite and the Queen returns triumphantly to the mirror's declaration that she is once again the fairest in the world.

However unbeknownst to the Queen, Schneewittchen is revived from death. The princess invites the Queen to her wedding and takes revenge by forcing her stepmother to dance in burning shoes until she dies.