The Queen was a powerful crime lord and the main antagonist of the Alice is Dead flash series. He had control of several mercenaries, including The Rabbit and Alice, under his control. He hired Dr. Burr to conduct the Oystercloud project, which would allow them to take resources from The Above and advance civilization. The Queen soon decided to turn Alice and The Rabbit against each other, and once Dr. Burr refuses to work on Oystercloud anymore, The Queen kills him.


He was absent in Episode 1, and while he did not appear in Episode 2, he was quoted In a newspaper article somewhere in Wonderland Jail. The Queen is quoted on the Mad Hatter, saying "she" would do everything in her power to get the Hatter all the help he needs to become normal again, giving the impression that "she" is a powerful authority figure. In the intro of Episode 3, The Queen discusses the situation of The Rabbit with a dispatcher, who is then killed by the Rabbit. The Rabbit goes after the Queen in the nightclub, and almost succeeds, until he catches sight of Alice and becomes distracted, giving the Queen a chance to kill The Rabbit. Afterwards, The Queen gets in his vehicle, where Alice is waiting inside with a loaded weapon. She kills the Queen at this point.