The pusher what

"Hey, y'ever thought about takin' drugs?"

The Pusher was a Villain that appeared in the Concerned Children's Advertisers commercial, titled Hip Choice .

Two absurdly young children (puppets, obviously) are standing in an alleyway, when a drug pusher, wearing the classic leather jacket and sunglasses, asks them if they've every thought about taking drugs. He, The Pusher, holds out his hands showing the children the drugs (that are fused to his hands) and informs them that at first, it's free, but they have to find him when they need more.. A flash-sequence of disturbing images of drug addicts, and celebrities who have died from drug use, appears when The Pusher tells them that, "The choice--is yours." The children eventually ignore the offer and walk away from The Pusher. He then takes off his shades, revealing hideous,
Get out

The Pusher, after he removes his sunglasses.

rotting yellow eyes.


  • One would argue that the Pusher was trying to teach the two children to say NO to the drugs, as he tells them that the choice is theirs.
  • The Pusher's eyes are intended to show kids what drugs can do to you.
  • His appearance is black shoes, jeans, a purple shirt, a black leather jacket, pale skin, hideous yellow eyes, spiky brown hair, and a pale and slim face. He also does not have fat lips like the younger children. He seems to look like a teenager or atleast in his mid twenties.
  • He most likely owns the motorcycle next to him in the alleyway.
  • He speaks in the Yat dialect, respectively.