Natalie... Don't be scared, its okay... It's just a game.
~ The Anger Puppet while stabbing Natalie.

The Puppets are recurring antagonists in the CaughtNotSleeping ARG.

Introduction and Appearance

The Puppets were first introduced in 925 Cranbrook Dr. as representations of the main protagonist, Caught, as seen through a monitor. There were three marionettes, all three representing three basic emotions, or personalities: Happiness, Anger, and Sorrow (or Fear). They have since been seen together and apart (most often anger, or maliciousness separated from the other two) and have since been seen to have freed themselves from the confines of their marionette status. They are seen as white faced, dark-eyed versions of Caught, each with specific wardrobes that identify their character. Happy is seen in bright colors, typically a bright orange coat (also worn by Caught in the flashback during 1472 Lansing Place: Five.; Sad is in darker, bluer colors; and Angry, or Malicious is seen in a grey sweatshirt, the same wardrobe that Caught often wears.

The Puppets and The Mirror were confirmed to be connected in "Into the Dark", when the Mirror was seen 'controlling' the Happy puppet and later replacing it when Natalie entered the "dark place". It is yet unclear if the Mirror is the puppeteer, or the puppets themselves.


The Puppets are extremely antagonistic and treacherous, as they have shown themselves to be a direct threat towards Natalie, though have yet to make a move towards Caught. Though they were once confined to electronic screens and controlled by strings, they have since broken loose and entered the real world to physically attack Natalie; though neither attempt has been shown to deal lasting damage. It would seem that they are not fully defined by the physical world, as their movements and actions are often twitchy, saturnine, and inconsistent; often moving from place to place with alternatively extreme speed and extreme slowness. The puppets themselves do not seem to fully control themselves, and the Mirror that controls them seems only visible in "the dark place".

In "Memory Lane", Caught learns at the end of the video that The Puppets are his memories.