The punk on the bus

The unnamed punk on the bus, as played by Kirk Thatcher.

The Punk on the Bus is a minor antagonist from the 4th Star Trek film The Voyage Home. He is shown on the same bus as Kirk and Spock, when they go to find the whales needed to save Earth.


The Punk on the Bus is shown blaring an angry punk/thrash metal song from his ghetto blaster. Despite Kirk's pleas to turn it off, he simply turns it up and gives Kirk the finger. Spock then applies his infamous 'Vulcan nerve pinch', not only rendering the punk unconscious, but somehow turning off his music when he falls down. This merits everybody else on the bus to applaud Kirk and Spock for saving them from annoyance of the punk.


In an interview with Film4, Leonard Nimoy, the late actor who played Spock and who also directed the film, said he got the idea of the Punk from a real-person who passed him one day in San Francisco. Nimoy said that the man was playing 'this most hateful song, on a ghetto blaster, and I just wanted to [Vulcan nerve] pinch him'.


  • The Punk on the Bus was portrayed by Kirk Thatcher, a production artist on the film. He also wrote the song that the Punk blares (entitled "I Hate You"), and performed it with his band, Edge of Etiquette.