You will be recruited.
~ The Prospector

The Prospector is the main antagonist of the Wizards vs Aliens episode The Secret of Room 12. He is a mole-like alien being who works for the Consolidation, an interstellar corporation that extract cores from planets and sell them for a profit.

The Prospector was tasked with extracting Earth's core so he made a hyper-dimensional vault in Room 12 of King's Park High in England and starts recruiting the school's teachers and students and including Michael Clarke in order to use their mental energy to power his pulse drill to extract the core. Later Michael's wizard son Tom and his friend Benny Sherwood arrive in Room 12 and are confronted by the Prospector who tries to recruit them but Tom gets beamed up to the Zarantulus by the Nekross whilst Benny escapes.

Tom after being returned to Earth returns to Room 12 where the Prospector tries to make him use magic on him but Tom can't bring himself to do it (as he was wary of performing big spells after drinking raw magic and temporary becoming powerful) and escapes. He later returns with Benny and his wizard grandmother Ursula Crowe who uses a fairy-witch love spell on the Prospector causing him to fall in love with her. Ursula then creates a clone of herself to lure the Prospector away from Room 12 giving her, Tom and Benny enough time to free Michael, the teachers and students and Tom uses an explosive device that was put on him by Varg to destroy the vault and return Room 12 to it's original self. After failing his mission, the Consolidation beam the Prospector away from the school but it is unknown whether he died or survived this.