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A Professionals member.

The Professionals are a crime syndicate in Grand Theft Auto Online. They are a professional group of criminals that deal in drug trafficking and arms smuggling. They operate all throughout San Andreas, being in several missions of Gang Attacks where the player must take out waves of them.

They appear to be a drug-distribution network, dealing with various gangs throughout San Andreas such as Ballas, The Lost and Vagos. They also seem to be affiliated with the FIB too. They are also in control of many different fronts including the Mile High Club construction site.

The group of criminals also seem to be providing courier and bodyguard services for a variety of valuable employers, thus making them potential rival competitors for Merryweather. Professional Members also appear to be ex-U.S. Marines as Lester describes them as "ex-military units".

Members of the Professionals also dress in suits, sport coats, or leather jackets with business attire, and are multi-racial, with white black and Hispanic members. Some wear black leather gloves. Professionals always drive all-back vehicles, ranging from Sedans, like the Fugitives to Grangers.

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