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The Producers are the unseen Bigger Bads of the Total Drama series, and they serve as Chris' and Don's bosses. They are the creators of the show and create the challenges with the assistance of Chris. Chris describes them as members of a "board of shadowy figures composed of producers, directors, and Harold-haters." Throughout the show, Chris constantly mentions that the producers are more sadistic than he is and that they come up with the challenges the campers are put through.


Total Drama Island

In Phobia Factor, Bridgette references the producers after she hears an animal, saying "Oh, don't even bother trying to freak me out, producer-people!".

In X-Treme Torture, Chris mentions wanting to pitch a cannibalistic challenge idea to the producers.

One of the producers is heard once in No Pain, No Game when they call Chris about Izzy wanting to dare herself.

In Camp Castaways, when Gwen becomes afraid that she and the others will be stuck on the island, Duncan insists that the producers will send a search party.

It is implied in I Triple Dog Dare You!, that the campers (except Gwen, Owen, and Heather) met the producers since Chris says that they ran out of ideas on how to torture the remaining contestants and asked those who had been voted off for ideas.

Total Drama Action

In The Aftermath: I, the producers finance a talk show for Geoff and Bridgette to host since they apparently had "nothing better to do that doesn't threaten national security."

In 3:10 to Crazytown, the producers phone Chris in the middle of the show yet again to inform him that the contestants won't be quick-draw gun fighting to the death as they originally hoped, but rather they would use water guns in the quick-draw contest to prevent lawsuits.

In The Sand Witch Project, Chris mentions that after Chef Hatchet messed with the competition by helping the Screaming Gaffers, the producers called him to a disciplinary meeting to discuss his actions.

In Full Metal Drama, the producers call Chris halfway through the first challenge, skydiving out of a plane, to tell him the PM agreed to let them force the castmates to jump off the plane without parachutes, stating that parachutes weren't used in World War One, though this had little to do with the challenge. Complying, Chris knocks the crate of parachutes out of the plane. However, it is then revealed that the plane was fake and that there was no danger in jumping from it without parachutes.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, the producers allowed Courtney to rejoin the cast as a contestant, after she filed a successful lawsuit against the producers for wrongful termination from the competition. Chris' financial interests were hit hard by the lawsuit, as revealed at that episode's award ceremony.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., Courtney is allowed to eat lobster for dinner and own a private bathroom as part of her benefits from her lawsuit.

In Dial M for Merger, Chris mentions that the Producers heavily dislike every castmate, but have great respect for Duncan and Courtney due to their ruthlessness. In their words, "I knew there was a reason we picked Courtney. She's nasty. We love nasty!"

By The Aftermath: IV, the producers are rarely mentioned since Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. However, it has been also stated by Chris that the producers financed a third season and to do this they had heavily sliced the budget for the final episodes of the current season.

Total Drama World Tour

In Chinese Fake-Out, the producers repeatedly call Chris throughout the episode, informing him that the budget was running low, which results in Chris eliminating both Courtney and Blaineley to save money.

Total Drama All-Stars

In Heroes vs. Villains, Chef Hatchet informs Chris (who is in prison) that the producers have green-lit another season.

In The Final Wreck-ening, the producers were so happy with how the season turned out, they announced another season directly following Total Drama All-Stars.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Topher was able to steal Chris' phone, and use it to call the producers of the show to see if they can replace Chris with him.

He continued on until Three Zones and A Baby where he heard back. This excited Topher; however, due to this he cost his team the challenge. Once he was eliminated at the Bonfire Ceremony, he announced that Chris is leaving and that he's taking over as host. However, Chris was the one that called Topher, pretending to be one of the producers.

Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race

In the season opener to the first spin-off, Don gets corrected by the producers, after he claims that the season would be a "race to the death".

In Hello and Dubai, Don asks the producers if the Serve challenge is legal to do. He gets shocked by their response.


  • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is currently the only season where the producers were never mentioned.
  • Producers of Total Drama planned at least 10 seasons; whether or not that will come to fruition is unknown.
  • The Producers are the Greater Scope Villains since they're the ones who created the show and act as Chris' bosses.
  • Courtney and Topher are the only contestants to have successfully contacted the producers.

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