You people are no better than the plague!
~ The Prepper betraying the survivor

The Prepper or real name John Wiliam Wright is the deuteragonist turned true but hidden main antagonist in the horror survival video game ZombiU.


He finds a survivor at the beginning of the game, and brings him into the safe house. Throughout the game, he teaches you to how to survive the apocalypse, but near the end of the game, he finds out that the survivor has been working with the Ravens of Dee, a group that  is looking for a cure for the infected. Once he finds out, he gets angry and kicks the survivor out of the safe house. This implies that he doesn't care for a cure. All he cares about is surviving the apocalpyse as long as possible. After the survivor leaves, he attempts to contact another survivor. When London is bombed, it is unknown of what's happened to him. Either that he was killed when the city was bombed, or managed to escape the city before it was bombed.


The Prepper's real name is John William Wright. He was a member of the Ravens of Dee and likely had a relationship with Sondra. He was considered the best prepper and part of the "Omega group" (elite soldiers assigned to protect the Queen, possibly some tech specialist). He tried to warn the Queen about Dee's prophecy but was thrown into a psych ward. After he was free to leave, he left the Ravens, most likely blaming them for what happened to him. The experience must have also changed his view on the prophecy, believing that there is no "panacea" or cure to the outbreak.