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The Pouch Pony is a minor villain in the Friendship is Magic franchise. He appears in the season 6 episode, The Gift of Maud Pie.


The Pouch Pony first appears when Pinkie discovers that he has a rock pouch. When she accosts him and asks him for it, the pony takes advantage of her want for the pouch and puts a price for the pouch. Pinkie Pie is nevertheless happy and blows out her party cannon. The Pouch Pony, now even greedier than ever, decides to trade the pouch for the cannon, pressuring the pink pony to make a difficult decision.

He gains the cannon and spends the day cleaning it, but Maud shows up and asks for it back and offers him the pouch back. He refuses, but Maud is insistent and the pony, with the rather dramatic warnings from Rarity, gives in and hands them back the cannon, takes the pouch, and runs off.

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