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Mighty max
 The Possessed Mighty Max Cartridge appears in Mighty Maxed Out, when JonTron slams it as a bad game. The Cartridge says "Oh, but do not be quick to judge, for haven't you made episodes in the past that perhaps you were not so proud of?" and projects images and sounds of Top 10 Most Overrated Games, which Jon took off his channel because he regretted doing that video, into JonTron's head, and he screams. It then says; "Why Jon, it appears we are of the same blood, you and I. We're really not so different after all, are we? HAHAHAHAHA." JonTron then takes the cartridge into his garden, punches it, then puts it into a vice "It's the only way it'll work! HAHAHAHAH." then gets a saw and slices it again and again. He then feels remorse and says "What have I done?" but then comes to his senses and slams the broken cartridge on his desk.

It appears again in George Lucas and JonTron visit Jupiter where in an edit to the original for the DVD, the cartridge shoots Jon in the head, but doesn't hurt him. It is then destroyed again in the edit, with Jon commenting "Beautiful" as of the corrected edit.

It is seen again in JonTron Loves Continue?!? when he offers to give the broken cartridge to the one of the 30,000 people who subscribed to Continue. He then says he'll sign it if the person wants him to.

Jon has admitted at a Q&A Panel at MagFest 12 in early January 2014 that the cartridge was previously owned by his neighbour, and he still hasn't told him that he had destroyed his cartridge.