The Poodle Lady
The Poodle Lady was a thug working for The Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.


The Poodle Lady was first seen in the assault of Gotham City. She sent her poodle to blow up a store with a grenade it carried. She was seen later with three other clowns. Batman tried to knock them all out with his Remote Control Batarang, but her dog caught it right before she was hit. The Poodle Lady then escaped with her poodle and the batarang to aid The Penguin in kidnapping the Ice Princess (he uses the stolen batarang to knock out the Ice Princess and incriminate Batman). After helping the remaining members of the Circus Gang sabotage the Batmobile, she updated The Penguin on the status of his army of rocket-wielding penguins in her rather deadpan voice as they approached Gotham. She was last seen disappearing into the shadows after The Penguin's plan to destroy Gotham City failed but she may have been arrested after her leader died in the ensuing battle with Batman.


The Poodle Lady had a small trained poodle who carried out criminal acts for her and guarded her fiercely. She evidently had a great bond with the dog as she was never seen without it.

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