What's it going to be? The dark magic, or her life?
~ - The Pirate Master
The Pirate Master is the main antagonist of the 2014 indie game Shantae and Pirate's Curse. He is an undead pirate captain and Risky Boots' former mentor.


When he was alive, The Pirate Master was a feared captain, and was Risky Boots' former mentor. At some point, he attacked Sequin Land, where the genies combined their power to seal The Pirate Master away in a grave on a isolated island

Following his defeat, Risky Boots inherited his crew, gears, and to rub salt in the wounds, she took his face to turn it into her bustier and belt.

As the light magic from Sequin Land begins to vanish, The Pirate Master begins to unleash curses on surrounding islands, which turns most of the Tinkerbats into Cacklebats, vicious being with dark magic, and begins to gather dark magic from the dens of evil on the nearby islands.

Knowing the danger, Shantae is forced to work together with her nemesis, Risky Boot to seal the dens of evil. While they were successful at sealing the dens, they were unable to stop the revival of The Pirate Master. The vengeful captain chases the two on the roof of the Sequin Land Palace and captured his former mate.

Shantae fought the undead captain and appeared to have won, but the evil pirate stole back his gear and transforms into a giant, powerful being. With Shantae trying to defeat him and fails, The Pirate Master demands that she either gives him the Dark Magic, or else he'll kill Risky Boots.

Shantae begrudgingly agrees and release the Dark Magic, but at that moment, it turns into Light Magic. Reabsorbing the magic herself, Shantae regains her genie powers and was able to weaken The Master Pirate, which allowed Risky Boots to fire Ammo Baron's cannon on him, destroying him for good.