The Pigs (Lloyd, Lloyd (possibly Boyd) and Floyd) are Cyril Sneer's bumbling henchmen and assistants and the secondary antagonists in the animated TV series The Raccoons.


Pig legend has it that Mrs. Pig couldn't tell two of her sons apart as kids and so she decided to call them both "Lloyd". The third she named "Floyd" to be different.

It never mattered much to Cyril Sneer. When he decided to hire them, and saw how they worked, he just called them...PIGS!!


The Pigs are Cyril's right hand men. They are constantly trying to impress The Boss, in search of the elusive "raise". Inevitably, they are so incompetent that they can't even be trusted with their own lunch. Food is usually a powerful incentive for them - that and the threat of Cyril's wrath.

These porkers can usually be found trying to please Cyril with a brainless ill-hatched plan. Although Cyril's grand schemes have been ruined beyond belief on more than one occasion by The Pigs, he can never quite bring himself to fire them, except for two seperate occasions.


  • They were all voiced by Nick Nichols, Keith Hampshire, Len Carlson and Fred Little.