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The Piche is a monster in the Native American folklore (actually "fakelore") and the Caucasian (white) American folklore, who is a monster that has been seen to be living in the Ichor Forest. It was responsible for killing a majority of the population of a village in 1895 in the Ichor Forest. The Piche is meant to have red eyes, and can not attack you unless you have seen it. Therefore, anything that is seen by the Piche becomes the Piche. The Piche is pronounced "Pike" and is a collaboration of Ichor and Perch.

More or less nothing is known about the Piche. Other than the fact it loves cold weather and can survive in extreme temperatures. It likes killing married couples and sadistically laying them out in the squares.

The Piche has also found a way of getting online or forcing people to go online and post information about it... but as said before, anything that is seen by the Piche becomes the Piche.

The Piche is also meant to live in an abandoned tower in the middle of Ichor Forest, and has posted several viral (as in infectious) videos online about itself, causing the viewers to mutilate or kill themselves.

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