The Peacock Family
were villains from the X-Files - they were a group of hideously deformed inbred mutants that had become all but feral over the years and got into confrontation with the famous FBI duo when the two arrived to investigate the discovery of a heavily deformed infant that had been buried in a shallow grave.

The Peacock Family consisted largely of males and were greatly feared in their community, the local Sheriff knowing of their incestous relationships yet turning a blind eye to them - however when Agents Mulder and Scully investigate further they find out that the infant had in fact been buried alive and Scully feared the Peacock boys had a woman held hostage in their home due to the abscence of other women to breed with.

However after they come into investigation the Peacock boys fly into a horrific rage and assault the local Sheriff's home at night - brutally murdering both him and his wife.

Agent Mulder and Scully ally with the local Deputy in an attempt to bring the Peacock Family to justice but as the Deputy tries to enter the home he is decapitated by a death-trap set up by the boys.

Thinking fast Agent Mulder and Scully distract the Peacock boys via releasing their pigs - in the distraction they come across the boy's amputee mother, who was the one responsible for all the misfortunes of the town as well as the mother of the murdered infant.

The boys once again fly into a rage and one of them is killed by their own death-traps - in the end however the mother and one of the surviving boys manage to escape and are seen in the end-credits driving off to a new location, intent on settling down elsewhere and presumably starting the vicious cycle all over again..