The Patriots, also known as the La-li-lu-le-lo or Cipher, are a mysterious organization that has had a hand in most of the events in the Metal Gear series, They appear to be the series' true antagonists.


The Creation of the Patriots

After Snake managed to complete his mission involving killing Colonel Volgin, and the Boss, destroying the Shagohod, and acquiring the Philosophers' Legacy, Zero used the money in the Legacy to start an organization to maintain control over the world. He did this to respect The Boss' last will and testament to make a world a better place. He along with five others became the founding members; Sigint, Para-Medic, Ocelot, EVA and Big Boss. As time went by however, the friendship between Zero and Big Boss to fall apart. Zero wanted to make Big Boss a messiah for people to idol.

As the years went by, Zero started to become corrupted and wanted to created more Big Bosses. So he started a program known as Les Enfants Terribles, which was a program to genetically create clones of Big Boss. With the help of Dr. Clark AKA Para-Medic, they were eventually able to make an egg. But in order for the clones to be fully developed they needed a mother's womb. EVA gladly accepted and was injected with the egg. Nine months later, EVA gave birth to two Big Bosses; Solid Snake, and Liquid Snake. At this point, Big Boss was fed up and left the Patriots. This resulted in a Cold War between Zero and Big Boss.


Founding Members



  • JD (John Doe)
  • GW (George Washington)
  • TJ (Thomas Jefferson)
  • AL (Abraham Lincoln)
  • TR (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • The Colonel
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