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~ Threat made by the fathers upon the children

The Parents are a group of various unseen villains that appear in the 2004 animated short "Avaiana de Pau", derived from the Flash animation site Mundo Canibal. They satirize the parents who abuse their children by attacking the slippers as punishment. However parents shown in this short completely flee the limit of reality and aggressive to the point of use made of wood slippers spank their children.

They still appear in the short sequels "Travesseiro de Preda", where they receive punishment for their acts of violence with children, and "Avaiana de Pano" where do the same aggression in their children that made the first short of a more perverse and violent.


Avaiana de Pau

In short, that pretty much is an advertisement touting a fictitious product, presents the launch of "Avaiana de Pau", a slipper made of wood whose only use is to serve as instrument of punishment used by parents to beating the children.

The short begins with as the first "demonstration" a boy after breaking unintentionally one of the frames of your home is threatened by the father using such wooden slipper as a paddle in his son's hand about to leave her broken and bleeding.

Girl avaiana de pau

In the second demonstration a girl is accused by the mother to have crappy in the window when in fact he did it was a pigeon. The girl tries to explain to mother this, but before she say a word she is hit with wooden slipper on his face that ends up breaking his skull.

Next is shown a series of statements of other children who were also beaten by their parents through the slipper. The first is a boy who turned out to be the father of assault victim after his football team lose a match. The second had his head cut off by his father blaming him for beer have increased price. The third was plastered with broken bones, and is still compared as devil by the father on top depends on the slipper saying he was God.

Boy avaiana de pau

At the end of short a boy is accused by his father of having broken the window pane when it was actually paperboy the guilt that inadvertently threw a newspaper at the window. The boy tries to escape, but the father shoots the wooden slipper against him to break his neck and let your slightly purple and swollen head. The boy ends up in a chair all cast wheels and even admitting the crime that he did not.