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This is him...

The Painter is a boss in the video game Castle Crashers. He is the first of four final bosses. He is an artist with a toolbox for a head, who paints many different creatures. Those being, a Unicorn, a Carrot Clock, a Clown, a Bull, a Goblin, a Cat, a White Man, an Octopus, an Elephant, and a NoseSnail. He is quite cowardly, as when he reaches half health, he runs around yelling "Help!" When he dies, he says "It must have been something I ate." Then he will barf out food, (or potions,) and get crushed by a giant treasure chest. Its gender is assumed to be a male. He is also a member of The Barney Bunch in parody videos, much like Drew Pickles, Barney the Dinosaur, and Ronald McDonald.

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