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The leader of leaders, he is the one who pulls the strings, yet prefers to remain in the shadows as the good puppeter he is.
~ The Overseer's bio in Xionic Madness 3

The Overseer is the leader of the shady MBORF organization and the true main antagonist of Xionic Madness. He is the creator and employer of the cyborg team, Bolverk Squad, directing them and his other soldiers from a command shuttle. His bio in Xionic Madness 3 describes him as "ruthless and cold-minded."


Pre-Xionic Madness

After Omega disobeyed orders to eliminate civilians, the Overseer and the other MBORF higher ups began to grow concerned with Omega and the other cyborg's free will.

At some point, the Overseer made a deal with Kareleinne-08, offering her freedom in exchange for making sure the other members of Bolverk were eliminated in their mission to BIO INT. It was the Overseer's goal to replace the non-robotic members of Bolverk with mindless automatons who would not hesitate to obey his command.

Bolverk Conflict

The Overseer later contacted Kary after Bolverk Squad completed their mission, instructing her to defeat Omega and Xero and bring them to headquarters to be locked up. However, after about a week, the two cyborgs escaped. In order to collect more data for the O. Project and X. Project, the Overseer sent his soldiers to go kill Omega and Xero, rewarding them with weapons for killing his soldiers. Kary-08 wanted to fight them as well, but the Overseer told her to hold off.

Later, after collecting sufficient enough data, the Overseer sent the two robotic Bolverk duplicates to go fight Omega and Xero. Because the robots could counter every move they made, Omega told Xero to use his Longinus Knife to defeat them. After causing the robots to explode, the Overseer allowed Kary to go in and finish the two cyborgs off.


However, Kary had realized that the Overseer wasn't going to keep up his end of their deal. After Xero pointed out that the Overseer would most likely scrap him once she was of no more use to him, Kary blew up his shuttle with an energy ball, seemingly killing him.



  • The Overseer only appears 4 times in the series, and his total appearances add up to less than a minute.

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