Who wants this? Who wants it!?
~ Fox Mulder interrogates the Overcoat Man on who wants Dana Scully's blood
The Overcoat Man is a minor villain in the cult sci-fi/horror/thriller TV series The X-Files (1993-Ongoing). He is the secondary antagonist of the season 2 episode "One Breath", and is an operative for the Cigarette-Smoking Man, who serves as the main antagonist of that episode.

He was portrayed by Michael Ryan.


The Overcoat Man is shown to be a very typical Men in Black operative: mute, unassuming, and capable of sneaking about unseen (except by FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder). He is however shown to have a vicious side, brutally beating-up Mulder when the opportunity presents itself and almost killing him (if not for the timely intervention of Mulder's Syndicate source Mr. X).


Having been (apparently) abducted by aliens previously in Season 2, Scully is returned and delivered to the Northeast Georgetown Medical Center in Washington D.C. where she is kept in a coma and on the brink of dying. After visiting her, Mulder sees the Overcoat Man stealing a fresh vial of Scully's blood that had just been taken by a nurse. Chasing the thief down into the hospital carpark, Mulder is intercepted by a stressed-out Mr. X, who attempts to force Mulder - at gunpoint - to forget about the Overcoat Man and to stop trying to find out who abducted Scully (partly for Mulder's own safety, but mostly through fear that Mulder would reveal X to be a traitor to the Syndicate).

However, Mulder manages to get away from X and corners the Overcoat Man. Holding the operative at gunpoint, Mulder takes the vial and interrogates the Overcoat Man, asking him who wants the vial; getting no answer, Mulder attempts to take the Overcoat Man into custody. The Overcoat Man then attacks Mulder and beats him up, grabbing his fallen gun in order to kill him. At that point X reappears and, being a superior fighter, incapacitates the Overcoat Man (breaking his arm and shooting him in the shoulder) and then shoots him execution-style in the head, saving Mulder; X then disposes of the body.