"The Others" are a species of invading aliens, and the primary antagonists of the novel and film series The 5th Wave.


The Others began their assault on humanity first by unleashing a massive EMP that disabled all electronic technology worldwide. Relatively few humans were killed, most of them in car or plane crashes when their vehicles no longer functioned. The second, quite literal wave took the form of massive global tsunamis triggered by the Others, which wiped out every coastal city on the planet. For the third wave, the Others mutated avian flu to be airborne and much more contagious.

With most of humanity wiped out, the Others assumed the form of humans and began to pick them off with guns. These alien snipers were known as Silencers. Since the Others blended in with humans and no one knew their true form, no one could trust anyone anymore. For the fifth, and most insidious wave, the Others infiltrated the U.S. military and took all surviving children to an Ohio military base, claiming to provide them sanctuary. In reality, they planned to create an army of child soldiers to wipe out all survivors, manipulating the children into thinking that the survivors were possessed by the aliens.

Their spaceship hovering above the sky is soon revealed to be an fully automated vessel that has been programmed to utilize The Others' plans to defeat the human race. It is basically an alien computer center. Vosch reveals that he is but one of roughly a dozen Silencers that know the 'truth' about it and the waves. It was used to deliver special alien weaponry to the Earth for the Silencers to use and even had bomb bay doors to launch many destructive rockets and missiles all at once. Cassie Sullivan, one of the few remaining humans who have not yet been affected by Silencers' sinister grasp, boarded the ship with Vosch's personal pod and activated one of the Others' explosives to destroy the ship from within. At the same time, Ringer, a human recently turned Silencer, had activated the master killswitch to activate the terminate function of the chips in the child army.

With their ship destroyed, and the child army disabled, The Others' plan to destroy the human race was thwarted. However, the war is far from over as there are still an unknown number of Silencers still on Earth as well as stockpiles of the Others' weapons, all of which Evan Walker (the protagonist) is set to destroy.