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The Ood

The Ood, also known as the "Oodkind", are a gestalt race of telepathic humanoids who originated from the Ood Sphere. They appear in the series Doctor Who.


In the episode "The Impossible Planet", they were controlled by the Beast. After the beast was defeated they were absorbed by a black hole.

They returned in the episodes "Planet of the Odd", where they redeemed themselfes completely by telling the protagonists that they are actually only controlled by the Humans who torture them to use them as slaves. After they had established their own city 100 years later, one of them reappeared in the end of "Waters of Mars" to tell the Doctor to visits them again in "The End of Time", where they predicted the return of the Master.

In the Eleventh Doctor episode "The Doctor's Wife" a single Odd called Nephew was controlled by House to kill Amy and Rory when they were trapped in the TARDIS.


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