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The One With No Name - a nameless menace

"The One With No Name" is an unofficial name given to a villain in the cartoon series "Mighty Max" - although he lacks an official name in the series.
The former operator of a garbage dump outside the Eastern European town of Schleppeg, this man created a chemical compound that absorbs material, and then is attracted to similar materials. His ultimate masterpiece was a monstrosity called Korbus, a hulking humanoid blob that absorbed people. His activities attracted Max and crew, however, who quickly put an end to his efforts. As a result the man ended up in prison and is true name still evades everybody.

"The One With No Name" was quite insane, even by "Mighty Max" villain standards, he sought to absorb all of humanity into Korbus so that they would belong to him - showing extreme signs of megalomania, delusion and any other ailment of the mind one could think of (he was also extremely cruel, taunting people and thinking of himself as infinitely superior in every way).

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