You have to do whats best for the company, and your momma.
~ Once-Ler's Mother manipulating Once-Ler

The Once-ler's Mother is a major antagonist of the 2012 adaptation of The Lorax.

She was voiced by Nasim Pedrad.

Role in the film

She helped cut down the trees and is the mother of Bret, Chet, and Once-ler. She is snobby, money-crazy, somewhat manipulative, selfish, and cruel to her youngest son. She constantly belittles Once-ler, and was said he wouldn't amount to anything all his life. However, this wasn't the case when the Once-ler created and mass-produced the successful Thneed, which has become very popular. Even when the Once-ler happily taunted his mother of his success as a businessman, she simply brushes this off by claiming that she was only motivating him into creating his business.

She is the one who convinced Once-ler to continue cutting down the trees, making her somewhat the true antagonist. Mostly its clear that she wants Once-ler to make the business more successful to keep her well kept. Once the last one falls, she says that she is disappointed in Once-ler and names Bret as her new favorite child (it is either because she was disappointing in her son for cutting down the last tree, that there are no more trees to cut down, or that Once-ler can't keep selling Thneeds) .


The Once-Ler's mother is greedy and failure-intolerant individual. She is somewhat manipulative and abusive especially to Once-ler. She also lacks of business insight since she never taking into account of reserving resources (the tree) to create a long and stable business instead her greed blinds her to the fact that she willing to pressure Once-ler to chop down all the tree until nothing left to make the business function. In the end, her greed and short-sighted contribute greatly to Once-ler downfall.



  • Despite being the secondary antagonist of the film, she is a main factor that lead to most of the movie's events.
  • Her real name is Isabella.
  • Her character seems to be much more hated by fans of the film than the film's main antagonist, Aloysius O'Hare, due to the fact that she is the one who made Once-ler destroyed the forest in the first place, as well as apparently contributing to his miserable life, making her the Bigger Bad of the film.


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