Benny. I have no words. How is it you are standing before me?
~ The Old Man sees Benny again fifty years after he killed him

The Old Man is an antagonist in the Supernatural episode Blood Brother of season 8. The Old Man is a leader of a band of Vampire Pirates, and he is a vampire himself. He is ageless, eternally young, blessed by the powers of vampirism with super-speed, eternal youth, immortality, immunity and incredible teeth. His fangs are much stronger than any other vampire.

Many years ago, the Old Man saw Benny as a traitor for falling in love with Andrea, a human woman, and he took his anger out on Benny by killing him by decapitation. Unknown to the Old Man, Benny's soul ended up in Purgatory, the Afterlife of Monsters, where Benny survived the next fifty years by fighting other monsters and being reborn each time he was killed. Benny perfected his fighting skills in Purgatory, until he met Dean Winchester.

Dean took Benny back to Earth, and they tracked down Benny's cult, who were still active. The Vampire Pirates roamed the seas, tracking down rich yacht owners on cruises, then killed them and sank their ships after drinking their blood. Benny said he'd seen the Americas five times on his voyages.

The cult was still there, except Andrea was now a vampire. She had been converted by the Old Man. Benny confronted the Old Man, who said he'd "wailed like a baby" upon killing Benny, after which he'd bitten Andrea to convert her. Saying he now had Andrea, Benny's one desire, Benny killed the Old Man's lieutenant, then he fought the Old Man. The vampire leader said he had seen enough, and this Universe was just a pyramid of despair. He knew that he himself was evil, and that had been enough to keep him "cold at night." The Old Man said he wanted to see another world, a "better world" than Earth, to which Benny said he'd show him Purgatory and lobbed off his head.