The Old Lady is the primary antagonist in Sylvain Chomet's 1998 animated short The Old Lady and the Pigeons.

The old lady tries to slaughter him with a pair of scissors.


A starving Parisian policeman discovers an old lady who feeds pigeons in a park. He comes up with the idea to build a pigeon suit for himself. He figures out where the lady lives and when the suit is finished he puts it on and visits her. She buys his bluff, and the policeman in his pigeon suit begins to make regular visits to the lady's apartment, where she spoils him with food. As time passes the policeman grows fatter and fatter.

Eventually the policeman discovers the lady's other pet: a woman dressed up as a cat, also spoiled with food. As it turns out, the lady had the whole time been fattening the pigeon only to feed it to the cat as a treat. The policeman has grown too fat to be able to remove his fake pigeon head. The lady tries to slaughter him with a pair of scissors, but he narrowly succeeds in escaping. In the final scene the policeman is skinny again and without his pigeon suit, and is seen behaving like a pigeon in front of the Eiffel Tower.