The Noid

The Noid is the villainous mascot of Domino’s Pizza. He is a humanoid claymation creature in a red jumpsuit with an “N” on the chest and rabbit-like ears. The Noid’s mission is to ruin pizza, but he is never able to successfully do this to Domino’s.

The commercials were very successful, and the character became something of a cultural icon; he starred in two video games, Avoid the Noid on the Commodore 64, and Yo! Noid on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Noid also made a cameo in Michael Jackson’s movie Moonwalker where he appears in a group of stop-motion characters chasing Michael, and in two episodes of The Simpsons. A more recent appearance was in an early episode of Family Guy where the Noid destroys Mayor Adam West’s pizza, but is then killed.

In a Nintendo Entertainment System-only video game by Capcom known as Yo! Noid (based off another videogame, Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru), the Noid becomes an anti-hero and is set to defend New York City from the villainous Mr. Green, who is a green duplicate of the Noid.

In 1989, an insane man named Kenneth Lamar Noid believed the Noid was based on him, and kidnapped two Domino’s employees, demanding $100,000 and forcing them to make him a pizza. After he was arrested, the police chief stated that he was “paranoid”.