Ninja Master

The master and two of his ninja

You dare ask me my name? You, who uses treachery to defeat your opponents? you, who is lower than a cockroach? I will never tell you my name! My Ghost will haunt you until the end of time!

~ Martial artist, upon being killed by teh ninja master

The ninja Master, also known as Kenbuchi Mudou, is the main antagonist of the 1982 martial arts movie "5 Element Ninjas". He was portrayed by "Michael" Wai-Man Chan


The Ninja Master was the leader of the 5 elements clan , who sent one of his martial artists, with a poison ring and challenge letter to participate in a battle between Chinese martial arts schools. He participated in the killings of the Chinese martial artists who met his ninjas in the Earth and Fire arenas. 

After this, The Master gained interest in Chinese martial arts, and sought employment under Shifu Kang, to have his ninja act as mercenaries and assassins. AFter destroying the otehr school, the Ninja Master killed Kang and stole all of his wealth, going back to Japan with it. 

Personality and Traits

The Ninja Master acted politely towards all he met, even as he killed them. He had contempt for Chinese people and Martial arts, but bregudgingly respected some Chinese masters. 

The Ninaj master also seeems to have knowledge of at least two element styles, implying taht he mastered all 5 to become their leader.