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The Nihilists

The Nihilists, (Franz, Uli Kunkel, and Diete.)

The Nihilists, (Uli Kunkel, Franz, and Dieter), are three minor villains in The Big Lebowski. They are German musicians (Kunkel, as "Karl Hungus," appeared in a porn film with Bunny), who, along with Kunkel's girlfriend, pretend to be the ones who kidnapped Bunny.

They are portrayed by Peter Stormare, Torsten Voges, and Flea.


The Big Lebowski contacts The Dude, revealing that Bunny has been kidnapped. He asks The Dude to act as a courier for the million-dollar ransom because The Dude will be able to confirm whether or not the kidnappers were the same thugs.

When Bunny's kidnappers call to arrange the ransom exchange, Walter tries to convince The Dude to keep the money and give the kidnappers a "ringer" suitcase filled with his dirty underwear. The kidnappers escape with the ringer, and The Dude and Walter are left with the million-dollar ransom. Later that night, The Dude's car is stolen, along with the briefcase filled with money.

The Dude later receives a phone message from the police that his car has been found. Mid-message, three German nihilists invade the Dude's apartment, identifying themselves as the kidnappers. They interrogate and threaten him for the ransom money. The Dude returns to Maude's studio, where she identifies the German nihilists as Bunny's friends.

The Dude and his bowling teammates are suddenly confronted by the nihilists, who have set The Dude's car on fire. They once again demand the million dollars. After hearing what The Dude and Walter know, the nihilists demand all the money in their pockets. Walter responds by throwing a bowling ball into one of the nihilists' ribs, biting another's ear off before punching his face, and then knocking the final nihilist unconscious with their portable radio. However, in the aftermath, Donny has a heart attack and dies.




  • Walter Sobchak and Donny sometimes confuse them as Nazis.