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As long as the real boy is in Dreamland, there's no tunnel, and I'm the only train who can deliver dreams. My kinds of dreams!
~ The Nightmare Train to Little Engine.

The Nightmare Train is the main antagonist of the 2011 remake of Watty Piper's The Little Engine that Could.

He was voiced by Ray Porter who also voiced Count Grisham.


The Nightmare Train is a large, creepy, black anthropomorphic 0-6-4 tenderless steam locomotive with three smokestacks, pulling a train of three old rickety boxcars and finally one old rickety caboose. As soon as he had the toys and the real boy in his possession, his appearance changes into a more frightening form with his cowcatcher forming his mouth and other bestial features like his whistle and pistons.

Why is He a Villain?

The Nightmare Train tricked Little Engine into giving her the toys and Richard (the real boy) claiming he will take the group to the real world. But when they were in his boxcar he revealed his true form and pushed the Little Engine off the tracks, leaving her derailed. He intend to keep the real boy (Richard) and the toys in Dreamland to keep the tunnel closed and halt the delivery of good dreams so the only dreams that could be delivered were his nightmares.

His Undoing

The Nightmare Train was defeated by Little Engine with help of Richard. They outwitted and switched him to another track and sent him barreling down the mountain at high speed.

Where is He Now?

During the end credits the Nightmare Train is shown at the bottom of a ravine, probably having jumped the tracks because of Little Engine and her trick. He was then presumably turned into scrap metal, meaning that he was killed.


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