The Newmans are recurring antagonists of the Teletoon/Canada TV Series Grojband. They are the genderswapped rival band of Grojband. The band members are: Carrie, a female version of Corey; Kim, a female version of Kin; Konnie, a female version of Kon; and Larry, a male version of Laney. They are obviously supported by Trina, the main antagonist of the show, which hates the Grojband too.


Creepaway Camp

The Newmans had made their first appearance in this episode. The Newmans went up against Grojband in a battle of the bands of at Camp Screamleay. The contest was for who could write a scarier song. A day before the competition began, The Newmans and Grojband faced off against each other in a burn battle which had an inconclusive winner due to Trina interrupting them but the last person to give out a burn was Carrie when obviously running out of ideas for burns, said to Corey "Imagine the worst burn of your life just got sent to you twice!" The Newmans had already written their scary song before they entered the competition and they were gaining more popularity from the other kids at the camp and they were also getting more respect because Trina was the head councilor. Grojband got help from the legendary campfire monster, Blade Stabbington to help them make their song scarier. In the battle of thr bands The Newmans went first singing the song "Ghosts of Clowns," which all of the kids cheered for. After this, Grojband had suddenly appeared on their stage out of nowhere and it was them who sang the song "Welcome to my Nightmare" and that became a better song. At the end of the song, Blade Stabbington emergend from the flames making a terrifying face and he tossed a flaming Bitface at The Newmans which had the Newmans running away and screaming in fear while Biteface blew up their musical instuments in a firey explosion. This was their last appearance in the episode.

Space Jammin

They appeared again in the episode "Space Jammin'" where they had a gig booked at Sludgefest. Grojband was jealous of them for playing at the biggest festival of the year and so they challenged them to a battle of the bands. While the Newmans were rehearsing for the battle of the bands, their bodies got possessed by the Space Orbs who challenged Grojband to a battle of the bands at the same time and they used the bodies of the Newmans to help them play. The Space Orbs did terrible at singing and cost the Newmans a Battle of the Bands that they would've won.

Rock the House

The Newmans appeared again in he episode "Rock the House" where Grojband entered the school's curling competition, only to find out that their oppoments were The Newmans. The Newmans went through a lot of hassle playing their game and argued and fought amongst themselves having a lot of trouble. Lenny was too scared to do anything and wanted to quit and Carrie kept trying to force him to do it. All of them messed a lot of things up and got really hurt until they lost and Grojband won the winter olympics and The Newmans all went home unhappy.

Wish Upon a Jug

They again returned in the episode "Wish Upon a Jug" where Trina wished that they were the biggest band ever and they literally became the biggest band ever crushing everything. When Trina was writing in her diary, lightning started flashing around them. Corey had a plan that knocked them back down to their normal size again leaving them crushed under a giant hat. This was their first minor role.

Grin Reaper

Their next apperance was also a minor role and was in the episode "Grin Reaper" Trina presented them on stage because it was Grojband's most hated band and she was happy to have them play in public right in front of them. The Newmans were shown to be under the control of the Grin Reaper and they played a happy sing. Being under the control of the Grin Reaper as well, instead of Grojband hating them, they loved them and they danced and trotted around the park loving their music. After they finished their sing, Corey was about to clap for them but he realized how wrong it was. He tried to fight the force and then bit his band off making him hate The Newmans again.

Six Strings of Evil

The Newmans made a cameo in the episode, "Six Strings of Evil" where they were playing music in the park and Corey and his evil guitar came up and sent them flying into the air.


They appeared again in the episode "Kon-Fusion" where Corey and Carrie had the idea to combine both of their bands together to make themselves a band called "The Grojmans" and make a song with both of them in there. Once they combined themselves, Corey was clueless on what to do for lyrics for their song. He wanted to get some out of Trina by making her go into Diary Mode, but he didn't want for Carrie to figure out where he got lyrics from. He wanted to make himself and his band look good in front of her by making her think that they write their own lyrics. Kon and Konnie became the best of friends when being stuck together making Kin and Kim jealous and Laney and Lenny both admitted that they had crushes on their band leaders to each other and talked about it together. In the end of the episode, Corey got lyrcis from Trina without having The Newmans notice and they played a song on stage. In the end, Kin and Kim built a defusion machine that would separate them. After Corey finished his moral and closed the garage door, they all went in to get defused which was really painful for them judging by the screams that were heard.


  • Carrie Beff - The gender opposite of Corey Riffin. She is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Her plans for the Newmans are similar to Corey's plans for Grojband. All she wants is to make her band become world famous one day. However, her rival band is getting in the way of that by always out shining her with their superiority. She hates Grojband with a burning passion, especially Corey Riffin. She is always thinking up evil plans to become a bigger and better band than Grojband. However, these plans always fail. Although she bears many similarities to her Grojband counterpart, she also shows many differences. For instance, unlike Corey needing to steal his lyrics from Trina's diary, Carrie is capable of writing her own lyrics. Her relationship with her sister Mina Beff is the exact opposite of Corey's sibling rivalry with Trina. She and her sister Mina are great friends and manage to get along very well.
  • Kim Kagami - The gender opposite of Kin Kujira. She is a nerdy inventor and the keyboardist of the band. She hates Grojband especially when it comes to her counterpart Kin. She and her twin sister Konnie Kagami are the best of friends and they love to do everything together.
  • Konnie Kagami - The gender opposite of Kon Kujira. She is a fat, dim-witted girl who is obsessed with food. She is the drummer of the band. Over all of the members of Grojband, Konnie hates Kon the most. She and her twin sister Kim are best friends and do everything together.
  • Larry Nepp - The gender opposite of Laney Penn. He is the bassist of the band. Although he is a boy, he is constantly being mistaken for a girl. He hates Laney Penn more than all the members of Grojband. He has a secret crush on Carrie. He is always trying to tell her that her plans to become a bigger and better band than Grojband won't work but she never listens to him.


All of the Newmans are vain and confident. Their main goal is to become a bigger and better band than Grojband which hey are hell-bent on doing despite their numerous amount of failed attempts to do so. When The Newmans are around Grojband, they always act high and mighty and run their mouths acting like hotshots because they think that they're better than them and they they're going to win whatever battle they've gotten themselves into with them at the time and they always make fools of themselves when they lose those battles.

Episode Appearances

Really Evil?

Being that The Newmans are exactly like Grojband with the only difference being their genders, The Newmans are possibly just a normal band of teenagers that struggle to become popular with their rival band always outranking them. The way they act toward Grojband seems to be the same way Grojband acts toward them. Nothing makes the way they treat Grojband any more "evil" than the way Grojband treats them. Because of the fact that the TV show where they come from focuses on Grojband as the main protagonists, everyone who they don't like is given the title "evil." Unlike the obvious villain in the show Trina, The Newmans have never gone out of their ways to sabotage or bully Grojband and only seem to attack them when they're in a battle that they both agreed to do. The only thing they do that makes them seem any more evil than Grojband is that they act very snobbish and high and mighty when they're around them. Overall, The Newmans are probably just as "evil" as Grojband and try to act like they're better than them when they're around them because they're jealous of them and want nothing more than to be popular and cool.


  • They are similar to The Rowdyruff Boys with both of them being a teams of villains that are gender opposite doppelgängers of a team of heroes.
  • Each member of the Newmans is voiced by the same voice actor who voices their Grojband counterpart.
  • In the original designs for the Newmans, Kim was intended to have square shaped glasses and a different hairstyle. Larry was also designed to have a different hairstyle and a beard.