That Damn Neighbor is the main antagonist of the "That Damn _____" series in the famous web video channel Smosh. He enjoys stealing valuables from Benny Jean, especially Benny's plastic flamingo. He usually doesn’t speak at all. He is an insane, mute kleptomaniac who irritates Benny Jean. Benny has never proven to be able to be at once be more victorious than That Damn Neighbor.


That Damn Neighbor is always stealing Benny's plastic flamingo for unknown reasons. In his debut in the episode called That Damn Neighbor, Benny put fences around his flamingo to make sure That Damn Neighbor doesn't steal it, but the neighbor managed to steal it anyway.

In That Damn Yard Sale, That Damn Neighbor attempts to steal Benny Jean’s yard sale items and megaphone. Because of this, Benny Jean calls the police. That Damn Neighbor starts his own yard sale which is successful while Benny Jean doesn’t get any customers. That Damn Neighbor bought Benny Jean’s flamingo from Cletus, which enraged Benny into slapping Cletus until suddenly in an immediate cut scene, Benny was actually slapping That Damn Neighbor. The police cop shows up and believes That Damn Neighbor is so traumatized he can’t speak, then arrests Benny Jean. Cletus keeps poking That Damn Neighbor’s face asking him if he’s selling any camel shirts, then That Damn Neighbor yells, “Don’t fucking touch me!”, the only time he spoke.

In That Damn Prison Break, Benny Jean broke out of jail after the events of That Damn Yard Sale, with the police cop in pursuit of him. Benny Jeans then forces Cletus to help him get his flamingo back. Benny Jean tries to chase That Damn Neighbor, but That Damn Neighbor gets away by using a ramp to jump over a highway. Benny Jean and Cletus returned to his house and retrieved Benny’s flamingo, but when they try to escape after Cletus set off the security system, That Damn Neighbor keeps cornering them while holding an axe. The police cop enters That Damn Neighbor’s house, and a chase scene starts. Benny Jean, That Damn Neighbor, Cletus, and the police officer chase after each other through doors in the hallway of the house in a Scooby-Doo like chase in the parody of the door chase scene from the animated film Yellow Submarine. The police cop arrests Benny Jean and That Damn Neighbor for both committing federal offenses, then imprisons them in the same prison cell when they return to jail.

In That Damn Punishment, both Benny Jean and the Neighbor were paroled with a community service sentence. He steals Benny Jean’s video camera, which Benny Jean needs in order to post videos on supporting the environment onto YouTube. Benny Jean keeps hallucinating That Damn Neighbor is there while he is shooting his video. He hallucinates That Damn Neighbor stole his pet flamingo, then hallucinates That Damn Neighbor put Cletus on the roof while he holds the video camera. Benny Jean runs to slap That Damn Neighbor but actually slaps Cletus who was holding the video camera the whole time. Cletus doesn’t like Benny Jean’s attitude towards him, then runs crying into his house and says, “I wish someone loved me!”. That Damn Neighbor is seen laying next to Cletus on his bed, which makes Cletus scream.

In That Damn Rap Music, he tries to play unsuitable music while Benny is shooting a rap music video on helping the environment. In That Damn Shower, That Damn Neighbor steals Benny’s clothes while he was in the shower.

In That Damn Movie, Anthony Padilla signs up for a 24 hour fim contest with Benny Jean as his partner, due to the fact Ian's videos stink. Benny Jean threatens to shoot Anthony with a crossbow, as "[Benny Jean] thought [Anthony] was trying to help that damn neighbor steal [his] pet flamingo," only to turn around and see the neighbor with his flamingo.  Later on the neighbor moves the bear traps Benny Jean set up to protect his flamingo, and steals it as well. During the film festival, it's revealed that Benny Jean entered his own video, instead of the one he made with Anthony. The film was an instructional video on how to protect "Your Flamingo." Benny Jean used a mannequin dressed like his annoying neighbor in his demonstration. During the film, it's revealed the neighbor somehow edited himself into Benny Jean's movie, using that as a distraction so he could steal Benny Jean's Flamingo.  He Later "accidentally" Kills Ian and Anthony by crashing their car.