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The Narrators are some antagonists of the book 120 Days of Sodom by writer and French politician Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade. It 'a group of employees of the four protagonists of the film Gentlemen - The Duke of Blangis, Bishop, president Curval and the Banker Durcet - participating in their cruel game with human lives. The group consists of four women, belonging to the category of high class prostitutes village and bricks, whose job is to entertain the four gentlemen with the stories of their experiences on so-called passions, perversions whose intensity will be gradually increasing with the progress of each other. The group consists of:

  • Madame Duclos: the main narrator, is the protagonist of most of the stories. Despite being on the threshold of fifty years, it is still a very good woman, with brown hair, blue eyes and a wide waist and plump. It began at a very early age his activities as a prostitute, being harassed by a monk at the age of seven years, because of his sister, later began to work in a brothel, which then becomes mistress.
  • Madam Champville: the only lesbian quartet, is a tall, lean, with beautiful eyes and blond hair lascivious gaze.
  • Madame Martaine: pretty prosperous, with a pink complexion and healthy, possess physical characteristics that make it look as pretty, but they start to wilt. Having vagina obstructed due to a malformation owned by birth, he devoted himself exclusively to anal sex.
  • Madame Desgranges: Tall, thin, pale and brown hair. Has only a breast, since the other the was removed, also the missing three fingers and six teeth. It is described as one of the most evil women and criminals never existed. Good speech and a lot of talent to convince others to their own reasons; It is one of the people with the best reputation in society.


A quite different version of the narrators appear in the film adaptation of the book, Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, directed by acclaimed director and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini and set instead in the eighteenth-century France, in Italy during the Second World War, and then in full fascist dictatorship. Unlike the book, the narrators here also have the task of procuring young victims chosen for the game in the massacre organized by the Lords. Another difference from the book is that the first two narrators share the stories in the book were narrated mainly by Duclos.

In this version of the group it consists of three prostitutes and a pianist:

  • Ms. Castelli: probably the most cruel of the quartet, it is also the most elegant, sophisticated and refined, and unlike colleagues, never expressed with foul language or vulgarity. loves to tell the facts of blood and violence and laugh and joke about it. Unlike the other two narrators, we know virtually nothing about his past. And 'she to act as narrator during the Group of Blood. E 'played by Italian Caterina Boratto.
  • Ms. Maggi: a coprofaga, has often frequented customers with his own delusions, and feels no shame to defecate in front of someone. And 'much he admired for her bottom, and has a sister who has done his own work. He says he killed his mother, guilty of having tried to redeem it from his life as a prostitute. And 'the narrator of the Group of Shit. E 'played by actress and writer Italian Elsa De Giorgi
  • Mrs. Vaccari: Character very lively and friendly, it is raised in a convent in which (because of the sister) began to suffer heavy sexual harassment age of seven, which however has never created problems . And 'the narrator of Group Manie. E 'played by French Hélène Surgère and dubbed - in Italian - Italian by actress Laura Betti.
  • Pianist: Woman quiet and calm, his task is to accompany the stories of her fellow playing the piano. It does not take part in the torture and killings, nor seems to draw fun to help, on the contrary, of all present is the only person really anxious to assist the terrible actions that are engaged in the castle. It commits suicide towards the end of the film, by jumping out a window.

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