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Nameless monster

The Nameless Monster

The Nameless Monster

The Nameless Monster

If you give me your name, I'll make you strong.
~ The Nameless Monster

The Nameless Monster is the main antagonist and protagonist of the fairy tale Obluda in the manga series Monster.

In Obluda

Long ago, in a distant land, a monster was dying to have a name. However, the world was so large, that the monster split in two. One monster went West, and another monster went East. The monster that went East happened upon a little town. At the town's entrance, he met a blacksmith. The monster asked the blacksmith for his name, but the blacksmith replied that he couldn't give him his name. The monster then convinces him that if he let him enter into his body, he would make him stronger. The blacksmith obliges, and and the monster enters into him. The monster then became known as Otto the Blacksmith. Because of the monster's influence, Otto became the strongest person in the village. However, one day, the Blacksmith was telling everyone that the monster inside of him was getting bigger, and the monster bursts out of him and eats his remains.

Still a monster without a name, the monster then went to see Hans the Shoemaker, and like last time, he eats him from the inside out. He then entered into Thomas the Hunter, but the outcome was exactly the same as before.  He then went to a fine looking kingdom and went to the sickly prince while he was in bed. Like before, he convinces the boy to let him enter into him, and he'll make him well. The monster kept his word, and the boy is healed. The king was overjoyed that his son was finally well, and the monster decided to stay in the boy's body, because he liked the boy's name and the luxury that came with living in a castle.

However, the monster's hunger grew more and more stronger each day, until eventually, the monster inside him just couldn't take it any more. He ate the king and all of his servants.  Eventually, the monster consumed everyone and everything in the village.  He then happens upon the monster that went west, and he tells him that he had finally gotten a name. The monster from the West replied that he didn't need a name, and liked being a nameless monster. The boy then eats the monster that came from the West. The monster was overjoyed that he finally had a name, but realized that no one was around anymore to call him by that name, which was a shame, because Johan was such a wonderful name.