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The Mute is an antagonist appearing in season 4 of the TV show Teen Wolf. The Mute appears human except that he had no mouth, just smooth skin from his nose to his chin. He was a trained military fighter and used tomahawks to hack up his victims. although he has no mouth, he uses a machine to speak.


The Mute is one of the Assassins hired by the Benefactor to assasinate supernatural creatures appearing in a deadpool. He first appears when he kills a family of Wendigoes. Although one of them, a teenager named Sean Wilcott managed to escape, he eventually tracks him down and kills him at the roof of the Beacon Hills hospital. He then attacks Peter Hale at his loft, but he manages to survive and escape. Derek Hale and Sheriff Stilinski tracked him down at the Beacon Hills high school and try to arrest him. Peter then arrives and kills the Mute.

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