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332px-The Mummy

The Mummy hypnotizing Juliet

The Mummy is an undead mummy and a minor villain in the Disney television show Wizards of Waverly Place.

Following the deaths of all the other monster hunters, at the hands of all the monsters that, Max had foolishly released, Justin Russo was promoted to a full monster hunter, and tasked to take on a Mummy, one of the most dangerous monsters of all, a creature with incredible mystic powers.

For help he took his Vampire girlfriend Juliet to the museum to reserch on Mummies, only for it to turn out that the Mummy was hiding in the museum, as his possesions were being displayed there.

The two hid, planning to combat the Mummy later when there were less people there, however they were both accidentally trapped, by the mummy (there were investigating an exibit that was strangly open, and unaware they were in there, the mummy closed the exibit.)

Next, the Mummy began using his powers to enslave others to build his own minon army to carry his previous belongings. Watching the mummy, the two of them realized that if they stayed where they were, when the sun rose the next morning it would kill Juliet, and after several failed attempts to break out, he was forced to make a terrible decision.

Knowing it was the only way to save her life, Justin attracted the Mummies attention to her. He then removed her from the exhibit and used his powers to enslave her too. Justin promising he would find and free her, being the last thing he said, before she left with the mummy and his newly formed army of minons.

The next few episodes dealt with Justin either trying to track down the mummy, or preparing to find it, until eventually he managed to track him down, with the help of Alex's Werewolf Boyfriend, in its secret lair in Transylvania. There they managed to unwrap the mummy's bandages, causing it to be reduced to dust.

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