Mummy Monster Squad
The Monster Squad (Monster in Closet)

The Monster Squad (Monster in Closet)

The Mummy was a minor antagonist from the 1987 movie "Monster Squad". He was featured least of all monsters in the film. He was portrayed by Michael Reid MacKay.


The Mummy was part of an exhibit in an unknown American suburb. He escaped from the exhibit, much to the bewilderment of local authorities, when Dracula came to the area.

Later in the movie, he broke into a child's house and hid in his closet (much to the disbelief of his father). Later on, he tried to kill a group of children who were attempting to stop Dracula. He was on the back of a moving truck when his bandages were pinned to a tree, and his decrepit, rotten body shattered into dust as the bandages were torn off.